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Erotic Massage Velvet

30 minutes -  70€

High erotic content Massage. The body body massage and the Lingam, take over this wonderful session, preparing your body so that you can decide the end.


Sensitive Massage

60 minutes -  120€

In this session you will feel an explosion of sensuality and eroticism. First, a delicious shower, where you can unleash the Lingam massage and your relaxation. The masseuse will handle your hands delicately, running your body from head to toe. The protagonist is the body body massage, raising the temperature to the maximum, so that the end of the massage you decide.


Californian Massage

60 minutes -  100€

Delicious and relaxing session takes on a stretcher, starting with erotic shower. Then the relaxing and sensitive massage, leads your body to disconnect and relax completely. Fusion of several massage techniques, with hot oil and cold cream (applied with the palms of the hands, fingers, knuckles and forearms). Lingam massage, maximizes the level of excitement, so that at the time of climax, decide the end of this session.


Yoni Massage

30 minutes

Massage for women.

The niceness and sensuality are the basis of this massage. Erotic shower that breaks the ice to let the energies flow. Sensual relaxing massage with hot oil that elevates excitement to the maximum, preparing the body to reach orgasm with the Yony massage technique


Massage to couple

60 minutes - From180€

Different massage and relaxation techniques fusion. Three levels of experimentation (beginners, intermediate and total relaxation) to fully enjoy the possibilities of this erotic massage that combines bodily pleasure and mental pleasure.


Four Hands Massage

60 minutes - From 200€

The fusion and synchronization of the two masseurs will achieve a deep relaxation relieving stress and tension. Both complement each other in their movements so that you reach the climax in a pleasurable and prolonged way.


Hotel outcall Services

60 minutes

Choose a massage from our menu and we will go to your hotel so you can enjoy it with all the comfort and discretion you need. Disconnect from everyday stress and enjoy the company of the beautiful Erotic Masseur you choose.


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